The original Football Manager game was one of the early games released for the ZX Spectrum way back in 1982, written by Kevin Toms (c) and published by Addictive Games.  I found it strangely addictive, and played it a lot in the early eighties.  What was unusual about it was that it was written entirely in BASIC and had no protection whatsoever, so anyone could break into it and see how it was written.

Move forward 30 years, and I came across it on the World of Spectrum website.  In a fit of nostalga I downloaded it into an emulator and started playing once again.  I then wondered if I could remember how to write Spectrum BASIC, and yes it slowly came back.  So I started to "improve" the original game, and Football Manager Revisited was born!

I think I've crammed a lot of new features in, which are listed on the editions pages.  I've tried to keep the feel of the original game and the only things I've removed are the Copy screen and Save game options, as these seem redundant in the days of emulators with memory dump files.

I would like to thank Kevin Toms for the hours of fun playing the original game, and I hope you enjoy this enhanced version of the old classic.

The Great Glen
July 2012

Contact: the-great-glen(at)

NOTE:  There is no intention to claim this game as my own, as far as I know it is still the copyright of Kevin Toms and I have simply added to it.  The original game is available free of charge from the World of Spectrum website.


There are 9 editions available, all free of charge, as new features and leagues have been added each year.
The latest edition (2022-23)  is available  
HERE .  

The earlier editions are available via the links at the top of the page.

(All editions require a ZX Spectrum emulator running in 128k/+2 mode, available HERE)

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